LB Focus Days

“A huge thank you is needed for the direction and support you gave on our Focus Day. It helped us focus on what we wanted not only in our professional, but also our personal life. We planned for the future, and refocused on the now. Rethinking and improving the way our business is run.“ – Izzy (Practice owner)

“I didn’t know what to expect but this was the most valuable day of my life – both for my business and personally” – Ben (Chiropractor)

Life-Business Focus days at our Cardiff conference suites help you to focus on getting the balance right in your business and ultimately improve your Life Balance. Put simply – To  balance  business demands with life goals, first establish what balance you really want and then focus on achieving it.

You may be happy with your work life balance and want to focus entirely on building up a healthy bank balance or your may have enough in the bank, but no time to enjoy it. You decide what’s important and we’ll help you achieve it.

Most businesses start because of a great idea and a determination to do something special, optimistically believing that success will naturally follow. Pretty soon daily challenges can obliterate any sense of purpose and leave you wondering ‘why am I doing this?’ Even owners of established businesses can often see their fortunes see-sawing, success followed by disaster, struggling to keep things going with no sense of direction or focus. The good news is that it doesn’t have to stay that way. Through an intensive, enlightening process, our business advisers will help you to decide what it is you want from your business and your life, and will devise an action plan which will guide you to make it happen. To find out more download a copy of our Work Life Balance Survey Results here.

Team Day

There’s an old saying “if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together…” Once you’ve decided what your goals are, you will want to get the support of your whole team as quickly as possible. Our Team Day can help you achieve this.

Project Plan Day

Once you know what you are aiming for and your team are with you, we will help you devise a Project Plan of how these aims can be achieved and support you every step of the way to achieving them.