Strategic Tax Planning

When you create a successful business, you will also be hit with tax implications. Although tax is an obligation, we believe that like every tax payer, you should only pay the minimum legal requirement and aim to ensure you pay only what you need to and not a penny more. Which is why at Lewis Ballard you’ll get a strategic tax planning service to really help your business.

As members of AVN we have access to the latest tax mitigation strategies and our Tax Specialist Advisors are continuously training to ensure you get  advice that keeps up with ever changing legislation.

Why struggle with the strain large tax demands have on cash-flow? Don’t let them prevent  you making important business decisions or even stifle your business growth. Our tax service aims to keep you fully up to date, so you can make timely decisions to ease this burden, spreading the load and avoiding nasty surprises.

Our standard tax service makes sure that your returns are correctly completed and filed on time. We calculate your tax liability and advise you how much tax to pay. Maximising benefits and relief’s available through strategic tax planning.

For more complex tax matters you can access  advice and guidance on how to structure your affairs in order to pro-actively respond to changing tax laws.

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