You might be wondering what it is our app can do! Well… it does these things!

A link to our portal for safe, convenient file sharing.

A link to Receipt Bank for all you invoice uploading needs.

A link to Xero, THE cloud accounting software.

A link to 4sight, our financial forecasting software.

What is LB Elite? It’s being one step ahead.

Up to date tax calculators for figuring out those figures.

An up to date currency converter to make sure you know how much your moneys worth.

Up to date tax tables all in one place.

All the key tax dates that matter to you.

Want to know more about us? Want to know what our aims and goals are? See how we help here.

Need to put a name to a face? Meet the team here.

There’s no easier way to get in touch, with all out contact details in one place!

Keep track of stock prices with up to date precious metal prices.

The latest financial news to keep you in the know.

Want to let us know what you think about the app? Review the app here!

Up to date share and fund prices.

All the latest budget info in one place.

This is a link that brings you back to here! The website!

The latest Lewis Ballard news as it happens.

Videos for more information about some of our partners and systems.

Forms to help you book meetings and give feedback.

Our latest messages to you are stored in the message centre.

One place to view your app details.