Charity at Lewis Ballard

At Lewis Ballard, it is important to us that we give back to the community, and to the world as a whole. Helping is always on our minds. With that in mind here’s a glimpse of our efforts last year, and ours plans for the coming year.


Every time you pay for a service (buy 1) we contribute to a charity (give 1) through B1G1. In this way the work we do for you, together we’re making a positive change in the wider world.

These are our contributions for the year 2019!

Soon the team will be choosing our B1G1 charities for 2020, so keep an eye out for the new set of causes your services will be helping.

See more of our B1G1 contributions on our charity page.

Christmas Contributions

Christmas is not only for giving, Christmas is for everyone. As such it is a great opportunity to give something in the spirit of Christmas to those in our community who need the most.

Every year we give to the Salvation Army and we have been supporting Llamau when we see they have an appeal. This Christmas we made donations to the Salvation Army and to Llamau.

Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile works so that when we make purchases through Amazon, if they qualify, they contribute towards the charity of our choice. The charity we have been giving to throughout 2019 has been none other than Llamau! It’s a little bit like B1G1 in that we buy one AND we chose where the Smile contributions go.

Karyn is walking the Great Wall of China

Most of you know her as the first face you see when you come through the door, or the first voice you hear when you call. Karyn and her husband Hugh are going to help raise money for Velindre later this year by walking the Great Wall of China! We have long supported Velindre and wish them the best of luck with our full support from our comfy office chairs.

If you would like to support them too, please follow these links.
Karyn’s Just Giving page

Our 11th Annual Charity Dinner

Over the last 11 years we have raised £142,621.36 for Velindre. Our biggest contributor every year is our excellent charity dinner. Our 10th anniversary dinner last year we managed to raise £17,513.46!

With Velindre so close to our hearts, having been personally affected by their cause, we will continue to support them whenever we can.

This years charity dinner is no different! A glamorous masquerade ball, we hope to see a great variety of colours and styles of masks.

If you would like to help Velindre, there is no better way than to contribute whilst having a great time yourself! Book your tickets to what will be an incredible night here!

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