ACCESSING SELF EMPLOYED INCOME SUPPORT: Set up your Self Assessment Service Now!

Just a quick update to ensure you register as quickly for Self Employed Income Support. Please follow these steps.

  1. To avoid delays caused by duplicated accounts please check your records for a Government Gateway login.
    1. If you have a gateway but have lost the details ring HMRC on 03002003600 for help. It will take about 7 day for this information to reach you so in the meantime keep looking if you can.
  2. Check your eligibility by accessing the checker.  click here
    1. You need your NI and UTR numbers and to have filed an 2018/19 Self-assessment Tax return. If eligible you will be directed to setup your government gateway.
  3. Set up the your personal government gateway, if you haven’t already done so.
    1. If you already have a government gateway Don’t set up another. You wont be able to link your services and may miss-out
    2. Look out for your User ID on the set up page and make a note. HMRC should also email it directly to you, but its better to be safe than sorry
  4. Once logged in to your Gateway add your Self Assessment Personal Tax Service 
    1. You will need UTR,NI and Postcode
    2. Click ADD SERVICE (Do not click on Register for SA)
    3. If you have already linked this service to another gateway log you will not be able to link it again
    4. Your Activation code will take 10-14 days to come in the post. You can’t claim without it -so act now!!

Instructions on how to do this are available once you have complete the eligibility check.
To access the checker please click here

Once you know you are eligible, if you need any further information or help to make your claim please let us know.

For further details and guidance Click Here

Next Stop… P11Ds!

The runaway train of Furlough Claims has barely left the station, with the heavy load of Grant and Loan Applications chugging along behind, when the next station is almost upon us!  (phew… as analogies go that was a stretch)

Ever keen to keep us on track (still going)  several clients have already asked about P11Ds. Please rest assured we haven’t forgotten! 

If we complete your P11D forms you will receive an information request from Xero Ask next week. 

It’s a simple, safe, secure way to send us your information during a pandemic or any other time for that matter!

Please look out for your request and let us know straightaway if you need anything.

Ask and you Shall Receive…

In this brave new world,  most of you now supply your records and information in digital format via our Xero ASK requests.

However at first glance our Ask requests,  do occasionally prompt some questions from new users.

If you are yet to try this new approach, here’s some FAQ’s that may help:

Q: I’ve received an email requesting my information from Xero, is this actually from Lewis Ballard?
A: Yes, we use Xero to send out all our information requests. This is a digital, secure, GDPR compliant solution that enables us to collect the information required to offer you the best service.

Q: The name at the bottom of the request is not my client manager, has my client manager has changed?
A: No. There are a few members of the Lewis Ballard team that help to collect information on your client managers behalf. If you have any queries, feel free to reply to the email or call us and ask for that team member. They’ll be more than happy to help.

Q: I don’t use Xero. By clicking the link and setting up an account, does that mean I am signing up to a subscription? Will there be any costs involved?
A: No and no. By creating an account with your email address and password of your choice, you are simply ensuring you can securely access our request and securely provide your sensitive information. There is no subscription or costs involved in doing so.

Stay Safe Stay Healthy
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