What Does the Future Hold for you?

As Warren Buffet says ‘A bad economy does not cause businesses to go broke, but it does expose the weak ones’. Let’s make sure this isn’t you. You need our Covid Survival Service.

‘Bad economy’ may not quite cover it. It’s a global crisis on a scale and speed never seen before, so who can predict exactly what lies ahead in the next month? 3 months? 6 months?  A year?  

Out with old

What’s clear is that this is a much more challenging business world and old business styles just won’t fit.
So shake off your old comfy jacket and roll your sleeves up, because we’ve got work to do. 

Staying ahead of competitors in a smaller, hungrier market takes focus and discipline. You need to make key decisions quickly. This needs up to date financial information and all potential outcomes considered. 

You’ll need more than a little 4Sight… and last week we promised you a life raft.

Monthly Management Clients (Xero)

To kick-start your recovery, we’re offering a Covid Survival Services through our bespoke forecasting platform 4Sight.

This valuable service, with a starting price of £125 per month, gives you a range of potential outcomes, so you can make quick decisions and change direction before things go too far.

However as our most proactive clients, we’re offering these at a drastically reduced price £67pm for the next 3 months and doubling up the value with Flow Free for 3 months.

helps you monitor and manage your debtors over the coming months as cash-flow remains your business oxygen.  

We can only do this amazing reduced price of £67 a month for 30 clients. So to jump on our life raft NOW Click Here

Quarterly Management Clients

Surely Covid’s the most compelling reason yet to upgrade to a monthly service?  Informed decisions, based on timely information, are proven to be the best ones.   Click Here to request an upgrade quote and benefit from the Covid Survival Service too!

Annual Accounts Clients

We can still help even if you only have an annual service on Xero. Make sure your bookkeeper (or you) keep Xero up to date every week and we’ll produce valuable monthly insights and help you make key decision whenever you need to. Click Here for this service

If your not up to date- what are you doing with all this spare time? Get ahead of your competitors and on top of your figures now. Need Help? Click Here 

And if you still haven’t switched to Xero contact us urgently and we’ll get you set up and show you what to do next. Click Here

Looking Forward and Thriving with Real 4Sight

While our Covid Survival Service offers the immediate answers you need to survive, this financial and health crisis looks set to stretch into 2021. 

Monitoring your performance may no-longer be enough, instead predicting the future needs to become part of your business DNA. With 4Sight it can.

We can agree the key features you need to monitor and set you up boards on 4Sight  torefer to anytime, anywhere.

And to help you thrive, we’ll use the information to predict your future business health.  But you’ll need to do your bit too by keeping your information up to date. 

Remember these simple equations, even in these confusing, extreme times,  don’t let events decide your outcome
Event = Outcome  

Events + Response =  Outcome
What you do or don’t do, can make all the difference.  

For information on Wales’s Coronavirus Safety measures, click here!

Stay Safe Stay Healthy
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