Double Call for Causes – Adref and Llamau Charity Appeals

Christmas is coming! While that means presents, food (oh god the food!), and family, it is also a time to reflect on how fortunate we are.

Not everyone is so fortunate. For that reason, the angels over at Adref and Llamau have called out in this time of charitable cheer with two very worth while causes.

Adref – Christmas Hamper Appeal

Adref have asked that people reach out and help the homeless of Rhondda Cynnon Taf and Merthyr by donating items to make up hampers for Christmas distribution. The items that they are looking for are –

  • Toiletries (especially men’s) and personal hygiene items
  • Non perishable food items
  • Tinned foods (including meat and fish)
  • Jam and preserves, crisps and biscuits
  • Tea, coffee, and drinking chocolate
  • Dried milk, sugar, juice and squash
  • Chocolate, Christmas goodies and gifts

How is Lewis Ballard helping?

In our reception is a hamper in the making! While each of us is contributing, we encourage you to bring along anything that you would like to add to our box to make our contribution all the more special. A contribution from Lewis Ballard and friends!


Llamau – Sock it to Homelessness!

In their battle against youth homelessness in Wales, Llamau have taken the fight to homelessness this year with… socks!

Llamau’s appeal involves getting your colleagues to rock up in the most festive foot-wrappings – the seasonal sock! A £2 donation per person will then go towards the charities efforts.

How is Lewis Ballard helping?

We have a seasonal sock surplus! For £2 you can have an excellent pair of reindeer socks all to yourself, or perhaps a hum-bug pair if you fancy. When you visit us, ask in reception and you will have your choice of sock (men’s and women’s) to keep not just your feet warm, but your heart too.

(BONUS SUGGESTION – If you already have great Christmas socks, buy a pair and put them in our hamper collection for a double charity donation!)

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