Furlough Over Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s important to take a look at  how furlough works to make sure that you’re claiming correctly.

Furlough and Annual Leave

  • Employees should not be placed onto furlough if they are just on paid leave, this includes holidays over the Christmas period.
  • Employees on an existing flexible or full furlough arrangement will need to have their furlough pay topped up to account for any annual leave being taken, including bank holidays.

Please review the latest HMRC guidance (hereĀ https://cutt.ly/ohU6EM0) to check you are satisfied with your current furlough arrangement prior to sending us the payroll information.

Furlough and Self Isolation

In addition to the above employee should not be placed on furlough if they have been told to self isolate for any reason.

In this instance they may be able to get COVID SSP, if they would qualify for normal SSP which is payable at the same rate as normal SSP, from the first day off.

You should request that an employee completes an NHS self isolation note to confirm the dates they are off work and keep this for your records.

Isolation notes can be completed online hereĀ https://111.nhs.uk/isolation-note/

Further information on this can be found here https://cutt.ly/ohU6EM0

Stay Safe Stay Healthy

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