This week, meet our riding, Hogwarts applicant with balanced chakras!


I am an accounts technician at Lewis Ballard. I prepare clients’ annual and management
accounts, tax returns and VAT returns. I am also a certified Xero adviser and have been involved in
assisting many of our clients implement Xero into their businesses. I am also responsible for
managing and keeping contact with my list of clients.

I am a horse-riding, yogi. I have been horse riding for most of my life and am lucky enough to
have shared my mum’s horse for the past 15 years. I used to do a bit of showjumping and
dressage, but our horse, Emma, turned 27 this year, so now we just enjoy a leisurely walk round
the forestry. Yoga I took up thinking it was going to be easy and nearly quit after 2 sessions. Three
years on and I am mastering the art of the headstand (you would think being a former a gymnast
this would be easy but apparently not!) I also enjoy hot yoga i.e. 37 degrees c hot! Sounds
incredibly uncomfortable but it does have its health benefits.

Why do I love working for Lewis Ballard
I have been at Lewis Ballard for just over two years, although it feels like much longer for all the
right reasons. I know it’s been said before, but I will say it again; the team at Lewis Ballard are like
a second family. We all support one another and it’s because of this support that I’ve been able to
grow into the professional and the person I am today.

Cat or Dog
Dog – I have a golden retriever called Alfie. There’s nothing better than coming home to a wagging
tail and smile from him.

Ideal holiday
Christmas and New Year’s in New York (with a bit of snow!)

Film recommendation
I absolutely love film and have too many favourites, but if had to choose something for a rainy day
it would have to be the Harry Potter films.

Music recommendation
I enjoy a range of different genres and artists. At the moment I have Coldplay on repeat in the car.
However, I do enjoy the occasional sing-a-long/belting out of ‘Let it go’ from Frozen and also
‘Defying gravity’ from Wicked (best way to entertain yourself and other drivers in a traffic jam).

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