Business Interruption Loans

While we have all been waiting anxiously for the finer details of the governments support package, to keep us all afloat in, the situation is deteriorating around us.

Take Action….
Instead of waiting for definitive answers, we strongly recommend that you take decisive action as soon as you can by reducing your outgoings to a minimum. If you haven’t done so already please speak to your client manager now for further guidance.

Bank Discussions….
We have been informed that banks are liaising today and we hope to give you a lot more detail on the loans over the next day or so. However from what we have been advised during conversations with banks, it still does appear that they are going to need up to date management information and forecasts, so it’s vital that you get your information to us as soon as possible.

Advice and Support When You Need it….
We have spent the last few weeks providing hours of free guidance and advice. As we’re finally shutting our offices completely today,  we’ll all be working remotely from now on, yet we still aim to provide you with all the support we can to make it through this crisis.

Help us help you….
However we have a valued team to care for and support too, so we also need to ensure enough cash flow to be able to sustain the services you need. Get your records in now and we will work hard to produce the up to date accounts and cash-flows you’ll need to access any loans or grants, although we’ll be as flexible as possible, we’ll need to agree payment or we won’t be around long enough to help anyone..

Payroll and Furlough Service….
When furloughing your staff this will also need extra payroll support, as an additional part of the payroll process. We’ll keep additional fees to a minimum, but as we don’t know how long it’ll take, we’ll notify you as soon as we can.
Please keep a spreadsheet of the specific dates you furlough any staff as we will need these details.

Furlough- More Details….
Although everyone is hungry for the details, it’s been difficult getting more information on this today. Several clients have provided conflicting accounts mostly relating to mixed Dental Surgeries, so we are working hard to clarify this.

From general information available it still appears that furloughing is available to all employers.
For the latest information we have Click Here

We hope to have more information tomorrow so keep looking out for our emails.In the meantime….
Stay Safe and Stay Healthy

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