We at Lewis Ballard are proud to have great relationships with our clients. Here is a selection of our most recent Testimonials.




David Pitt


“I have recently sold my practice and during a long and complicated negotiation, Lewis Ballard offered excellent and appropriate advice in all matters.  Current valuation trends, tax implications and close cooperation with the legal team were all expertly handled.  This was exactly what I needed in order to avoid disruption to the practice throughout this period.  I am very impressed and grateful for the range and quality of support Lewis Ballard offered and would not hesitate to recommend them.”


A & J Mearza

“We moved to Lewis Ballard 2 years ago and have found them great to work with. Neil met us in London initially and then introduced us to our account manager, who I have found so helpful and responsive to our needs (we moved from a partnership to limited company). I always ask daft questions and they never seem to mind answering them!

Thank you for all your support so far!

Ali and Juliet Mearza”


Colin McCubbin


“I have been with Lewis Ballard for a long time now, when Malcolm was there, and I’ve seen them grow over the years. I expected a loss of that close support that I always had—but quite the reverse. There is even MORE “hands on” close support—and in many areas I did not expect an accountant to help with.

Always accurate, always prompt, always efficient. A delight to deal with, at every level.

Even in the horrid event of dealings with an IR investigation, they guided me through it all and really made it so much less of a task than I had feared.

No job too big, no task too little.

Above all, you work with real people who want to make a difference in the real world.

Colin McCubbin, BDS MFGDP”


 Dr N Claydon


“I have been asked and am extremely pleased to provide a testimonial for Lewis Ballard who have managed my accounts for more than 20 years.

From the outset, I have been able to trust Lewis Ballard implicitly with the organisation of the financial side of my job as a dentist. This has enabled me to concentrate wholly on the development of my career. The advice and financial care that I have received has always been very professional, prompt and accurate.

In the time that my own working career has progressed from single handed practitioner with interests in research to a large specialist dental practice on two sites, Lewis Ballard have been on hand to reassure, facilitate and make introductions and connections to the right people who are able to make decisions. This has been the key to development of our business and it has always been reassuring that Lewis Ballard have delivered.

At the same time, Lewis Ballard has expended and grown but he has been able to attract excellent staff to support the team. As a practice, we appreciate the effort, knowledge and skill of everyone at Lewis Ballard.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Lewis Ballard to anyone requiring the financial help needed to organise and run a modern day business.

Dr NCA Claydon”