Chancellor Announcement: Throwing a Life line …? 

Last night the Chancellor announcement that Banks can no longer ask for Personal Guarantees for Corona-virus Business Interruption Loans up to £250,000.

So by removing this barrier, more Business Owners can now access the help they need to keep afloat in these very turbulent waters. 

With maximum loan to value plummeting, if you are considering a loan it may be wise to get in now while there’s still money around.

Your client manager is available to talk things through. We can provide up to date figures and forecasts when you need them. Just ring 02920735502

Many of our clients have sorted out Loans or received Grants and are already starting to see dry land ahead.

The virus is set to hit its peak in the coming weeks. It may make sense to get your life jacket ready now.  

Several of our team are reporting sore throats and it could be the same for banks Managers and Grant Officers. Therefore, help may be very thin on the ground soon. 

We hope you’re all staying safe and well. Take time to rest up this weekend and enjoy family time. We can work on getting through this together with new purpose next week.  

Advice for Mixed Dental Practices

We’ve been waiting anxiously for further guidance for our Mixed Dental Practices and at last some guidance from the BDA was release. This seems to confirm very much what we thought, furloughs can be applied as per the % of Private work.

Click here  to read the full advice

We will be looking at further information over the weekend and will update you early next week

For information on Wales’s current Covid Safety Measures, click here!

Have a nice weekend!

Stay Safe Stay Healthy
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