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Why do we use iMA?

So many clients switch to us simply because they former adviser talks a language they can’t understand! Causing nerves before meetings and confusion afterwards. But don’t worry -you’ll never feel like you’ve just failed an exam with us thanks to iMA!

You’re the expert of your own business and our informal, friendly and informative meetings are designed to support, encourage, challenge and guide you every step of the way .

Great communication is the key to successful relationships. So at LB we work hard as a team to ensure that we can communicate effectively with each other and all our clients. If we can truly understand each other we can really make a difference for you.  iMA is our tool to do just that.

Could better communication help your business too?

What is it?

It’s a better way of doing things.

Do you see communication problems in your workplace?

Do you see different styles clashing while strong personalities are crashing into one another?

People are different, but the answer isn’t to change them, it’s to adapt to them based on their preferred mode of communication.

iMA introduces a better way to understand, relate to and engage with your employees and clients that will get better results, in less time, effort, and money.

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What does it do?

It employs proven, behavioural, cloud based, technology that predicts how your employees are apt to do things and what you need to do to influence them to want to:
• Go to work
• Stay at work
• Give their best

Put the right people in the right jobs, acquire, retain, utilise the best talent and build peak performance

• Identify the best fit for your organisation
• Understand employee perspectives
• Relate effectively to build productive work relationships
• Easily predict probable behaviour
• Make differences work for you
• Significantly reduce absenteeism and team turnover
• Create moments of magic and avoid moments of misery

Promote understanding of how others communicate so your team deliver information as clients want it.
• Focus on what’s important to them
• Build stronger, more beneficial relationships
• Increase client loyalty, cross-sales and referrals
• Eliminate misunderstandings

When iMA technology is at work communication, trust, cooperation, sales, productivity and profits shoot up and absenteeism, stress, staff and client turnover all plummet down.

How does it work?

All people are different, and no two are the same, but you don’t have the time to learn how to interact with every person you meet, and sometimes it would be better to communicate successfully with a person on the first try. Fortunately, everyone fits into one of four colour coded categories based on the way they communicate with others and the world around them.

We can answer the questions…

How do I motivate a High Green?

iMA High Green

How do I connect with a High Blue?

iMA High Blue

How should I communicate with a High Red?

iMA High Red

How do I get a High Yellow to focus?

iMA High Yellow

When you can answer these questions, your communication troubles will end and you will reap the rewards of a well-oiled team and clients that feel looked after.

Dramatically transform the way you manage your company.

• A strategic tool for decision making and discovering strengths
• Strategies to create the right environment to share more, collaborate more, and innovate
• Your team will to want to stay put, stay longer, stay committed to driving your company
• Your clients will to want to buy more, refer more and stay with you
A critical factor for your organisation’s success, one that is in high demand and short supply, is the
ability to competently and consistently build productive work relationships and relate effectively to
your team and clients.

That’s what iMA Technology is all about!