Our Charity work

Changing the world together

By simply choosing us as your accountant you are really helping to change the world. As every time you Buy1 we Give1 to charity.

As the first company in Wales to join this outstanding organisation in 2012, we have been proudly contributing everyday since. It’s a non profit organisation where businesses like ours give to over 700 charities, around the world, just through our daily activities.

Take a look at how many people we have been able to help just by doing what we always do. And give your self a pat on the back for the part you play too!

Annual Accounts Preparation
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Proud Velindre fundraising ambassadors

Since 2010  when we held our first Charity dinner in aid of Velindre Hospital our relationship with the hospital and it’s avid fundraisers has flourished. Aside from this amazing annual event, Directors Neil and Jan Ballard have taken part in several extreme bike rides to raise money for the cause. Including both riding from Boston to New York  in 2015 and Neil and son Chris cycling across the Rockies in 2016.


A fabulous charity dinner

This years charity dinner was a great success! Our Strictly themed night brought wonderful and generous people together to raise money for the wonderful Velindre Cancer Centre. From the drinks reception to the dance floor, fun was had and money was raised.

We had wonderful auction items and raffles prizes, from champagne to free weeks stays at luxury homes in Lanzarote.

After the final coppers were counted, we were happy to announce that we had raised…

£17,513.46! And our running total of everything we have raised for Velindre since 2010 is now: