Eyes to the Future

With another sunny bank holiday in lock down, it may feel like things are really starting to drag. However, despite the  many real challenges we all face, the sobering daily figures are clear. Others are having a much more painful time. That’s why it’s important to use this time.

Yet with our very livelihoods threatened, it’s understandable that we all feel some trepidation as we wonder what lies ahead. 

It’s a basic survival instinct to look for the worst possible outcome and try to avoid it. But when we only focus on these things it triggers a flight of fight reflex. Problem is in lock down you can’t runaway and fighting with your family certainly isn’t a good idea! So are we just resigned to sit helplessly and worry instead?

What else can you do?

Throughout this crisis we’ve encouraged you to focus on what you can do and helped you seek out the financial help available for your business to survive.

We encourage you to see this gift of time  to work on your business, the structures and systems. Look at your marketing and your products and to think how to adapt them to this strange new world.

And enjoy time with your families or friends .

Looking to the future

Now as the dawning reality of long-term changes sink in, it might be the perfect time to work on yourself. As a business owner you wear many hats. People look to you for leadership, advice, services, for jobs and most of all for certainty. In uncertain times that tough hat to wear.

So with that in mind why not spend your time shaping up to the challenge, mentally?  The last few weeks have been mentally exhausting and its very easy to fall into a negative frame of mind. If that is how you are feeling there’s only one thing we can say…

At the risk of sounding rude – SHUT UP AND MOVE ON! or as this amazing little book’s called SUMO it’s an easy, enjoyable read and available on amazon or go straight to https://www.thesumoguy.com/

Or to help you with thinking differently in this changing world try Black Box thinking or Rebel Ideas both by Mathew Sayed.

And for some more practical business advice from Business expert Keith Cunningham, about reacting to the crisis. I’m glad to say it endorses a lot of what we’ve previously said, but in a much wiser and wittier way CLICK HERE

What ever you do, keep taking action – don’t let fear paralyze you that’s the worst plan of all. 

And Have Nice Bank Holiday!

Stay Safe Stay Healthy
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