No News is Good News?
Well sometimes, but when you are self employed and still desperately waiting for government support it certainly isn’t. The only crumb of hope today was Boris saying that the Rishi Sunak will reveal his rescue package tomorrow.

But while we Self-employed wait anxiously for a lifeline, what can we do for ourselves? Are we completely helpless? Have we done everything possible to reduce our business and personal outgoings? To make things go a little further?
Have you spoken to your Client  Manager for advice? Are you asking the right questions? or are you just stuck in Limbo….

Disney inspiration…..
We didn’t write this but thought it might help….. 

Walt Disney’s colleagues said he had a “yes if” approach to life.
Can we build Disneyland?

  • Yes if we get someone else to pay for it
  • Yes if we hire the world’s best experts to build it
  • Yes if we locate it somewhere that’s hot all year
  • Yes if we get transport links
  • Yes if

But it’s easy for any of us – especially at times like this – to think “no because”. No because the virus has changed everything, we can’t afford it, it won’t work, it’s too stressful…

 I asked someone if they could to be productive and positive during these hard times. I then had minutes of lots of “no becauses”

So I told him about “yes if” and asked him to answer my question again, starting with these words.

Yes if I adapt, if I speak to my family and friends more, if I ask my colleagues and customers to tell me new ways I can help them, if I make sure I do something fun each day…
Five minutes later, he had new ways to approach things. He had solutions. A plan.
Great for positivity, productivity and… well, for life.
So my question to you: can you be more positive and productive?

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll have the news we all need…

Furlough Confusion…..
As we stated  yesterday we’re not in the position to advise on the legal implications of furloughs and it is important that you review your contracts to ensure that you are able to place employees on furlough and seek employment law advice if necessary. 

The information around furloughs is confusing and gradually as more details emerges we’ll need to reassess. We’ve sought further guidance from a number of professional bodies today, but the advice seems to conflict.

No-one has the finer details , it becomes a judgement call based on limited information, which is open to interpretation. Two grey areas we’ve noticed (there may be more!)
 1) CIPD guidance states- ‘However, the scheme is intended to apply only to employers who cannot cover staff costs due to COVID-19.’ ; What criteria the government will use to assess the need to furlough still isn’t clear yet. 

2) A number of sources state that the employee will get 80% of their wages, however our interpretation of the guidance is that the furlough subsidy with be based upon 80% of all employment costs for the employee including NI and Employers AE pension costs, up to £2,500 so employees may not recieve 80% of their monthly take home pay

We will up date you as more information emerges, but under the current climate of confusion do not guarantee the accuracy of the information and strongly advise you to do your own research and or seek professional employment law advice. We can refer you if required
 In light of todays’ information we have attached two further templates; one to explain Furlough and to consult with an employee and the second to confirm furlough. Where ever possible it may be wise to use both an  particularly if your contracts don’t include a short-time working clause
 Click Hereto access the templates or ring your Client manager. However, please note that if you choose to use them you do so at your own discretion.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy

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